Our Comprehensive Process

  • We perform a comprehensive evaluation┬áto meet the needs of every unique employer client.
  • We perform continual quality assessment of the existing testing options and new options as they come to market for a broad offering.
  • Since each industry is unique, we are prepared to accommodate each setting and applicable OSHA requirements.

Healthy Cells Wellness will help you select the right testing protocol, provide efficient testing, and will coordinate set-up and scheduling to meet your specific needs.

The HCW team will coordinate all the details!

  • Scheduling of nurses
  • Time slots for testing
  • Guidance in determining appropriate location and set-up
  • Test kits sent to employers desired location(s)
  • Manage eligibility file for upload to lab
  • Transmit test results electronically to employer
  • Follow up for re-testing as needed
  • Arrange for one-off new hire testing
  • Arrange for ongoing testing procedures